Anonymous said: why do so many girls on tumblr seem like bitches?

they do? well i don’t really socialize on tumblr so idk. they probably just want to show off and feel better than others …

Anonymous said: dude i can totes make plans with you you seem like a cool person

mehhh how am i gonna make plans with a person whose name i don’t even know :(

Anonymous said: have you ever listened to hip hop?

i happened to listen to some songs but i’m not a fan of such music tbh

Anonymous said: fav arctic monkeys song

that one’s really hard! i have certain memories associated with ‘why’d you only call me when you’re high’ but i also love fluorescent adolescent

Anonymous said: will you ever call me when you're high?

will you? if i know your name i will haha

Anonymous said: omg i lost the printer!!!

omg poor you

"So little of what could happen does happen."

Salvador Dalí (via larmoyante)

(via clear-glass)




i volunteer

yesyesyes <3 we could even go to the polish seaside and that would be perfect.


Anonymous said: 4, 14,21,32,34,58,63,77

4. yes kinda, it’s really hard for me to believe that someone actually likes me or wants to spend time with me etc. i always doubt it, sometimes evenn with closest friends
14. probably some dress because my closet lacks them or maybe some running accessories
21. quite
32. i suppose not. 
34. mostly rock/alternative: pink floyd, u2, archive, arctic monkeys, the kooks, pixies, radiohead…
58. yeah
63. U2 <3
77. depends what you mean. never been in a relationship but in love yes

Anonymous said: 1 5 6 8 11

1. nope (what a stupid question)
5. depends what you mean by hanging out
6. biology trip and seeing my best friend tomorrow
8. yes it is, but not only girls
11. 2 :my father and grandfather 

Anonymous said: Who are you falling in love with?

wow you thought i would say this publicly? guess what, i’ll not

Anonymous said: Where is the place you call home?

I’m not quite sure, of course our family flat in warsaw but i feel more home in my grandparents house in the countryside. i feel so free and careless there

Anonymous said: Fav city

New York hehehe

Anonymous said: Dear person I like...

i wish we would talk more often